Milestone XProtect

Milestone XProtect


Empowering people, businesses and societies with data-driven video technology

Milestone XProtect provide actionable insights from video data through the perfect combination of your cameras and sensors and our open platform software and analytics

The XProtect® video management software platform enables organizations of any size to build fully configurable and scalable solutions.

With Milestone XProtect you have the software supported by hardware and services to build exactly the solution you need.

Fully configurable

Open-platform architecture and a wide range of APIs enable you to continuously build on your existing platform with additional hardware and software.


Centralized search platform and multi-layer maps assure visualized situational awareness, intuitive camera navigation and easy collaboration.

Peace of mind & security

The industry’s most reliable recording with failover servers for continuous video access. Built-in safeguards and tier access ensure privacy and cybersecurity.

Lenel OnGuard Integration

Learn more about access control integration.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW

Find what you’re looking for, fast, with easy-to- use, advanced forensic analytics.

XProtect Smart Wall

Get a complete situational overview of large surveillance centers.

XProtect Management server failover

Protect your server from hardware, software and human errors.

XProtect License Plate Recognition

Detect and capture license plate data from vehicles in real time.

XProtect Access

Connect your access control system directly to XProtect.

XProtect Incident Manager

Document incidents with video evidence — exclusive to XProtect Corporate.

Milestone XProtect system architecture
Milestone XProtect i Lenel

Lenel OnGuard XProtect Access Integration – Enables operators to display Lenel access control events and alarms in the XProtect® Smart Client.

KARO Karlicki has become a Gold partner with Milestone!


Milestone XProtect is compatible with Lenel OnGuard

Operators can display Lenel access control and alarms in a separate tab with associated video in the XProtect Smart Client.

Also, they can utilize standard XProtect video search, export and review functionality.

It is possible to use XProtect Map functions to display managed doors status on a map image as well as lock and unlock doors.

By using Milestone VMS as the viewing client, operators may also manage other third party applications in the same user interface such as intercoms, people counting, heat mapping, loitering and other types of video analytics. These applications are installed separately.

In short, XProtect® VMS & Lenel OnGuard® XProtect® Access Integration allows:

  • XProtect Rules engine support for supported Lenel alarms.

  • XProtect Smart Client Map support for Lenel door controllers.

  • Viewing alarm events in real time in the XProtect Smart Client.


Key features

  • View alarm events from OnGuard in real time inside the XProtect Smart Client
  • Acknowledge OnGuard alarms from the XProtect Smart Client (note: DataConduit license must be enabled in OnGuard for this feature)
  • Use XProtect® Map functions to display managed door status on a map image, as well as lock and unlock doors

XProtect Corporate, powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale, high-risk security deployments. With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, XProtect Corporate is a flexible software. For systems demanding complete situational awareness and immediate response time, XProtect Corporate offers interactive, multi-layered maps linked to alarms.

Built-in support for XProtect® Smart Wall, Milestone’s video wall functionality, gives a comprehensive overview of installations and seamless command center control.

XProtect Corporate supports Edge Storage combined with failover recording servers and redundant management servers ensure video recordings are never interrupted and access to the system is always maintained. Secure camera connectivity and enhanced evidence handling help to ensure the integrity of live and recorded video.

Milestone Certification:

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KARO Karlicki Sp. z o.o. company offers its assistance at every stage of the implementation of the Milestone Systems, starting from the initial analysis of the situation, through the creation of concepts, the design stage, the equipment completion, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance service. We make cost estimates for the needs of budget calculations.

We also undertake the maintenance of existing systems.

Our employees are well trained, they have proper knowledge, experience and required permissions.

We invite you to cooperation.