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Edwards Fire Alarm Systems

Global leader in fire alarm, mass notification and hazard warning.


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EST3 Emergency Communications Platform

Centrala EST-3 SAP

EST3 is uniquely designed to meet the life safety needs of any size facility. The function of each panel is customized by using an extensive selection of plug and play local rail modules. With support for 64 nodes of up to 2,500 devices each, this network’s multi-priority peer-to-peer token ring protocol delivers a fast alarm response time across any size network. Add to that the ability to network panels for an overall length in excess of 300,000 ft – that’s nearly 60 miles – and you’ve got virtually unlimited networking options. All EST3 operating features are software controlled using object oriented rules, which when needed, gives the designer great flexibility in integrating fire, security, and mass notification functions into a single design.

System Description

EST3 is a modular system uniquely designed to easily meet the needs of standalone single node systems or multi-node networks. Fire alarm, security, and audio functions use the same fundamental components, simplifying system layouts. A powerful System Definition Utility program helps define sys- tem operations in a fraction of the time required by previous methods. Virtually all EST3 operating features are software controlled. This gives EST3 great site flexibility and ensures operational changes and upgrades will be possible years after the initial installation.

Centrala EST-3 SAP

Highly Flexible Applications

EST3 is a superbly adaptable life safety system, lending itself to medium and large building applications. Cabinets are available with room for system batteries up to 65 Amp hours. With EST3, one 24-volt battery supports up to four power sup- plies. Each supply will support up to 7 Amp load. With four supplies, 28 Amps of current is available — all backed up by a common battery.

Fully-listed User Interfaces

The user interface layer is made up of a Liquid Crystal Display module and a system of generic modules designed to maximize design flexibility for custom systems.

In addition to front panel control and annunciation, EST3’s powerful FireWorks color graphics package provides desktop control and messaging in the familiar Windows environment. Fireworks’ unique four-quadrant display gives the user access to all EST3 functions including fire alarm, security, and CCTV – in one simple and intuitive interface. And because FireWorks is an integral part of the EST3 network, it is listed by UL not only under fire alarm standards, but under local burglar, and proprietary monitoring standards as well.

Centrala EST-3 SAP

Intelligent Analog Initiating Devicese

EST3’s Signature Series intelligent analog- addressable system is an entire family of life safety detectors as well as mounting bases, multiple-function input and output modules, and user-friendly maintenance and service tools.

Signature Series detectors continually monitor the protected space with their on-board sensors, which are finely tuned to detect the characteristic properties of combustion. Detection data is gathered and run through sophisticated algorithms that track the sensor readings over time to known signatures of fires. Only when a match is found will an alarm condition occur. This means that a Signature Series detector can distinguish between a harmless puff of dust and a wisp of smoke; between hot, humid weather and a serious life safety condition.

On-board processing and distributed intelligence also results in advanced features that save time and money…

Centrala EST-3 SAP

EST3 Network

EST3 operates on a multi priority peer-to-peer network. The multi-priority token ring gives EST3 exceptional response. Response time for all functions, including fire and security, is less than three seconds across the network regardless of the total number of nodes. EST3 token ring network configura- tion also permits vast distances between nodes. The allow- able distance between three nodes on #18AWG (0.75mm2) is 5,000ft (1,523m). With 64 nodes supported on a network, the total network length is in excess of 300,000 ft (91,400m), or nearly 60 miles! A single node supports up to 10 Signature loop controllers with 250 devices per loop, (2,500 points total per node). EST3 also makes field wiring easy with building wiring ter- minations that use removable terminal blocks on local rail modules.

FireWorks Incident Management


FireWorks is an incident management command and control platform that comprises hardware, software, and networking components that together provide a powerful and cohesive Mass Notification and Life Safety solution. Sophisticated networking technology allows it to integrate seamlessly with EDWARDS life safety solutions, yet FireWorks remains fully interoperable with third-party equipment, making it ideal for system upgrades or new installations alike.

FireWorks can automatically trigger programmed responses to facility events, or it can act as an operator interface for manual control. The FireWorks user interface provides a clear, concise, and coordinated view of any situation by presenting information strategically.

Five configurable graphical viewports offer simultaneous insight into different aspects of an incident, while the underlying software dynamically manages content in each viewport based on real-time events and user interaction. Facility maps, live video feeds, audio channels, protocol information, and fingertip control over vital equipment all come together instantly within view of an operator facing events that require solid information and split second timing..

Processing and control

EDWARDS Fire Alarm    

Edwards has led the way with innovative processing solutions that make built space today as safe as it’s ever been. From economical conventional control panels to high-end life safety platforms – and even hybrid panels that offer both conventional and intelligent solutions – this rich legacy of inventiveness and uncompromising quality has distinguished Edwards control panels as the technologies of choice among building owners and designers the world over.


Notification and Intelligent Detection

From pioneering work in multisensor technology, to award-winning design breakthroughs, Edwards™ has established itself as the leader in cutting-edge detection and notification technology. Today our name is synonymous with innovation and quality.


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