Intercoms – element of access control

Intercoms are important for security and access control situations where communication is necessary between different areas of a building or property. They provide a simple and efficient way for users to communicate with each other and allow for remote access control by enabling users to grant or deny access to specific areas. Additionally, integrating intercom systems with access control can enhance security and provide additional benefits such as continuous monitoring and event reporting.

The benefits of integrating an intercom system with access control include the ability to manage and monitor intercoms alongside other subsystems through a comprehensive security platform, the ability to place and terminate calls between desktop stations and remote intercoms, and the ability to trigger door openings from an operator’s desktop station and log this action as an event in the system. Other benefits include continuous monitoring of intercoms and event reporting in alarm monitoring, creating automated workflows based on intercom events, and triggering OnGuard actions based on received intercom events.

Take a closer look on two intercom systems enabling integration withLenelS2 OnGuard.

Interkomy 2N

Key Features of Lenel OnGuard integration

  • 2N device autodiscovery for quick setup in OnGuard system
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of the 2N IP intercoms and event reporting in Alarm Monitoring
  • Call management (place/ terminate a call) from OnGuard interface or graphical maps
  • Intercom Events: I/O states , Audio Loop Test, Tamper Switch Alarm, Motion/ Noise detection, Login Blocked
  • “Call Intercom” function to place a call from a remote intercom to a pre-configured master station
  • Call states monitoring: Initiated, Incoming, Established, Ended, On Hold
  • Serverless solution supporting direct SIP calls from 2N IP intercoms to Master station
  • Device Connetion / SIP registration states: online, offline
  • Connect 2N intercom system to a central SIP server of your choice
  • Operator can request door opening directly from the master station using a programable button
  • Global I/O linkage to trigger OnGuard action based on a received intercom event
  How does it work Interkomy 2N integracja z Lenel
Interkomy Compatible 2N products integration Lenel OnGuard


The integration between LenelS2 OnGuard® system and 2N IP intercoms enables security operators to manage and monitor intercoms together with other subsystems through one comprehensive security platform. 2N provides a serverless solution of IP intercoms supporting direct SIP calls from 2N IP intercoms to the Master station, as well as calling via a central SIP proxy server.


Operators can place or terminate a call between their desktop station and selected remote intercom, or between different intercoms with a single click in the OnGuard system interface. It is also possible to trigger a door opening right from the operator’s desktop station and log this action as an event in the system.


In the Alarm Monitoring window, operators can see the intercom’s event, call states, SIP registration and connection status. Device control and monitoring are possible through the System Status Tree View or through the icons representing intercoms in the graphical maps.


Different intercom events such as call status, motion detection, tamper switch alarm, audio loop test can be monitored and further linked with actions in OnGuard to create automated workflows.

The integration of LenelS2 with 2N IP intercoms allows for increased security, gives security system operators the ability to easily manage and monitor intercoms, saving time and ensuring security for companies of all sizes.

Learn more about the integration on the 2N website

2N Certified Installer Certification

Zenitel intercoms

OnGuard integration key features:

  • Automates processes by linking common security events through the LenelS2 OnGuard platform.
  • Direct Intercom Calls: Guards can make calls between intercom stations with a simple click.
  • Alarm monitoring: OnGuard displays messages related to intercom status changes.
  • Notify Across Systems: Broadcast live or custom pre-recorded voice messages across all audio systems, or trigger automatically on alarm or status change.
  • Binding server functionality: OnGuard can activate any function in AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom.
  • Map Icons: The status of the intercom station is displayed in the icons on the maps.

Intelligent Communication is driven by Intelligent Integration. Audio becomes intelligent by seamlessly integrating it into the core business and security applications within the organization. The integration possibilities are endless.

interkomy Zenitel Lenel OnGuard Integration


See and verify the status of each device in the System Status tree and and the OnGuard Maps feature.


Link access, video, and communication events in the OnGuard platform to improve situational awareness.


Enable dual verification of identity through video and audio communication.


Easily identify where calls originate in the OnGuard Maps feature


Broadcast live or custom pre-recorded voice messages across all audio systems, or trigger automatically on alarm or status change.


OnGuard Events Report feature provides a record of all communications events, for business optimization and liability protection.


Initiate intercom calls to any device from the System Status tree and the OnGuard Maps feature.


Interoperability between all Zenitel and OnGuard platforms create a scalable solution from simple to enterprise.

Learn more about the integration on the Zenitel website



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