Intruder And Burglary Alarm System


Intruder and burglary alarm system is used for detection and notification intrusion into protected area by unauthorized persons.

Heart of each intruder & burglary alarm system is alarm control panel. It collects information from connected motion and intrusion detectors and send notifications to alarm horns and strobes.

Alarm detectors must detect different types of intrusion, e.g. door/window contacts detect opened doors or windows, glass break detectors detect breaking of window glass, passive infrared detectors and microwave detector detect motion of people, animals or any other moving objects.

As intruder and burglary alarm system detects intrusion only, it requires alarm notification receiving. Therefore key key issue is the transmission of alarm signals to remote constant monitoring center.

Alarm signals can be transmitted over public telephone network, GSM, radio channels or Internet. Alarm signal receiver can be individual person or dedicated security agency. Practice shows, that only fast response by skilled specialized security agents can deter intruders successfully.

Main condition for correct system operation is application of certified good quality components. These systems operate continuously 24 hours a day and their reliability is of highest importance for system effectivity.

Next factor is quality of wiring installation, provided by installers, their skills, quality, experience and mode of work.

When designing and installing intruder and burglary alarm systems, we use quality brand systems such as DSC, HONEYWELL-GALAXY, SATEL, UTC FIRE&SECURITY. Anyway we are able to supply and install on demand systems of other manufacturers available on the market. For the purpose of maintenance and possible upgrade we supply detailed technical documents of systems installed.

The KARO Karlicki Ltd. offers assistance on each stage of completion of smoke extraction system, starting from initial analysis, design phase, system completion, installation and commissioning of the system, as well as its operation and maintenance. We are able to perform maintenance of existing systems.

Our employees have appropriate skills and knowledge as well as all required certificates. We have extended hardware and transportation facilities.

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