Area Access Manager

Standard Features of Area Access Manager

  • Easy Deployment and Installation
  • Wizard-Like Interface
  • Audit Trail
  • Complete Reporting Capabilities
  • Video


  • Simple Management of Access level permissions
  • Powerful Business Productivity Tool
  • Decentralization of Access Privilege Management
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Less Time Invested in Modifying Access Levels Support
  • Desktop or Browser-Based Client
  • Available for ES, ADV, PRO and Enterprise Configurations

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Business Productivity Tool

OnGuard Area Access Manager is a business productivity solution that enables authorized managers to control cardholder access to specific physical areas. A manager need only log in to the Area Access Manager application using a standard desktop PC or browser. OnGuard Area Access Manager displays a list of areas over which the manager has control, as well as a list of all personnel who have access to those areas. The manager can then assign or remove the access rights of employees to areas within his or her operational domain.

Immediate Return on Investment

  OnGuard Area Access Manager provides a simple yet robust method for remotely administering access by individuals to specific areas in a facility. Using OnGuard Area Access Manager, corporate security departments can give managers independent control over the physical areas and staff for which they are responsible. This capability eliminates the ongoing need for intervention by a security administrator in order to assign or remove access privileges for each employee, thereby saving both time and money.

Audit Trail and Reporting Capabilities

OnGuard Area Access Manager’s seamless integration with other OnGuard applications provides a complete audit trail and reporting capabilities. All access privilege assignments and removals are logged to the database with a time and date stamp and the identity of the manager who completed the transaction.

Intuitive, Wizard-like Interface

OnGuard Area Access Manager uses an intuitive wizard-like interface to provide fast, efficient management of specific physical areas. The application simplifies process of adding or removing cardholder access privileges, thereby streamlining training and minimizing the learning curve.

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