OnGuard DataConduIT


DataConduIT is a platform for managing OnGuard and for integrating OnGuard with IT systems. DataConduIT provides access to ID management data, access control events, and real-time notification when changes are made to cardholders and their credentials. Administrators use this platform to write scripts and applications that improve the manageability of the OnGuard system and that provide new levels of integration between OnGuard and IT systems. These scripts and applications are written using a standard Microsoft API, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

The picture below gives a high-level overview of how the DataConduIT and DataConduIT Message Queue Server services are related to the other major parts of the OnGuard software.

Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 10.10.36 AM

The following are some common scenarios where DataConduIT can integrate OnGuard with IT systems:

  • When a cardholder is created, the IT department creates a Windows account for that person. The Windows account name is derived from the OnGuard cardholder name. The account is linked to the cardholder in the OnGuard software.
  • A single script creates an LDAP account, a cardholder, a badge for this cardholder (with a badge type, assigning default access levels), and a link between the account and this cardholder.
  • A single script terminates a person’s access to all company resources by disabling all of the person’s badge(s) and LDAP accounts.
  • When a cardholder is granted access to an area, that cardholder is granted access to use the computers in that area.
  • A cardholder enters the building under duress. The cardholder’s LDAP accounts are disabled to prevent potential unauthorized use.
  • A cardholder’s phone number changes in the OnGuard software. The new phone number is propagated to the associated Windows account in the company’s Active Directory.

Administrators can also write scripts and applications that interact only with the OnGuard software. Examples include command line tools that automate frequent administrative tasks and web user interfaces that provide thin-client access to ID management data. In addition, since DataConduIT is built using WMI technology, administrators can use WMI-enabled third-party management tools to manage OnGuard data and events.

All the dates and time fields reported by DataConduIT will be presented in the local time of the server, including the offset. The client can convert the displayed time to local time, or modify the formatting of the date and time, if desired.

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