OnGuard ID Credential Center

OnGuard ID Credential Center

Standard Features

  • Auto-cropping of photo
  • High-speed photo capture
  • Signature capture
  • Intelli-Check ID check integration
  • Full biometric & smart card management
  • Import utility to retrieve data from driver’s licenses, passports or other credentials
  • User-definable data fields
  • Forms Designer Lite
  • High-resolution lighting kit (available)
  • Import/export feature
  • In-line encoding of magnetic stripe, bar code & contact(less)
  • smart card
  • Image compression control
  • Image fx gallery
  • Program-badge functionality
  • Chromakey and ghosting
  • High-quality, true color credential production
  • PIV support

OnGuard ID CredentialCenter offers the most expansive set of capabilities available to manage the employee security information life cycle, from data entry to access revocation. Cardholder information is managed centrally, providing ease of enrollment, information management, directory integration, badge design, printing and encoding, and cardholder credential activity reports. OnGuard makes every aspect of working with employees and their credentials easy to use, easy to investigate and easy to report.

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Centralized Enrollment & Credential


A typical organization needs to manage credentials for employees, contractors and visitors. Administrators need to manage each individual’s data and the credentials they use to access organizational resources, both physical and logical. OnGuard can help implement a secure platform by which employee’s access to the business can be known and managed from beginning to end. Using OnGuard Integration Tools, cardholder information can be constantly retrieved and updated from the organization’s central identity management program, keeping the physical security program in line with all organizational standards. From enrollment through revocation, OnGuard ID CredentialCenter provides complete management of all data relevant to each cardholder and their credentials.

Integration with Active Directory

Users with an LDAP-based system for managing network identities [Active Directory, Sun Network Management] can directly link cardholder accounts in OnGuard to their respective Active Directory accounts. In doing so, administrators in either system can control or restrict both physical and network access as a security measure against specific employee(s). OnGuard can also automate the creation or removal of a cardholder account when the LDAP account is created.

Integrating with Identity Management Systems

Businesses are seeking to adhere to stronger and more secure processes in pursuit of legislative compliance. Increasingly, identity management systems dictate important security permissions for employees throughout the business, ensuring that business rules are applied in every corner of every program. OnGuard can be configured to accept security rules from the IDMS to enforce company-wide standards.

Cardholder Records

A cardholder record in OnGuard ID CredentialCenter can be created manually, or auto-generated from data received from a third-party application. Once a cardholder profile has been established, the balance of the person’s security permissions can be configured. Categories include:

  • Access Levels – single access points or logical combinations of access points.
  • Assets – create records of laptops, projectors and other office assets assigned to a cardholder and link them to a cardholder account.
  • Biometrics – manage the biometric templates of cardholders needing access to secured areas. Encode or program this template to a smart card or manage it in an OnGuard Intelligent System Controller.
  • Directory Accounts – link cardholder account to LDAP account.
  • Logical Security – link cardholder account to logical security system. Support includes ActivIdentity CMS.
  • Visits – records of individuals who have visited a facility that were sponsored by the cardholder.

Badge Designer

Cardholders are often issued physical credentials (identifiers) which can be used to enable access to facilities and logical resources. For cards, OnGuard offers BadgeDesigner, a program that allows you to create/insert graphics into badge layouts that are used when producing cards. This user-friendly program allows users to manage layouts, both simple and sophisticated, for single sites or enterprise systems.

Card Printing, Encoding & Programming

A key component of many ID management programs is the physical card used for access control. OnGuard ID Credential Center can manage the processes of laying out the card design text and graphics, and printing the card. During printing, badge IDs can be encoded to magnetic stripes or contactless smart cards. OnGuard is the only non-proprietary solution on the market that offers the ability to program non-programmed HID iCLASS contactless smart cards. From start to finish, OnGuard ID Credential Center lets you enable a quick and effective card production process.

Cardholder Reports

Any cardholder can potentially be involved in a security incident. A good security program will immediately recognize when a security incident occurs. It can also promptly and accurately identify problematic trends that might indicate that an incident is about to occur. OnGuard provides standard reports that can be quickly generated. For example, the badge use report can list exactly when and where a specific card was used within a given period of time.

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