Integration – OnGuard with Milestone

Integration – OnGuard with Milestone

The LenelS2 and Milestone strategic partnership brings together two industry leaders in access control and video surveillance providing a best-in-class integrated security solution. Eliminate barriers by combining the superior scalability of the OnGuard® system with the actionable insights of XProtect video in one seamless solution.

System integration is possible in two options:

Option 1

Event/Access-centric Environment

Option 2

Video-centric Environment Integration

*Implementation of both options is possible if required.

różne ekrany Milestone XProtect Access Control

Milestone to OnGuard integration

Event/Access-centric Environment

Allows you to preview video from OnGuard. You can access video in Alarm Management, OnGuard Monitor and Magic Monitor applications.

Event Matrix: The OnGuard workstation can share live or recorded video directly to XProtect Smart Client workstations. The integration adds events into the XProtect system that the OnGuard users can trigger, which can be used to drive video to Smart Client views populated with the OnGuard Event Matrix plugin and directly to floating windows.

Events Filtering Tool: The Events Filtering Tool feature was built into the OpenVideo integration to allow users to choose which events from XProtect will be sent into OnGuard. This application runs on the OnGuard server and creates a list of events that are allowed to be received by OnGuard.

PTZ Control: Point and Click PTZ control is supported for the camera. PTZ controls are handled as an overlay on the video control.

Playback of Recorded Video: Users can view recorded video from Milestone cameras through the VideoViewer application in OnGuard. They can select a suitable tile configuration for displaying video, drag and drop the required cameras from the tree list on the left to any tile on the right, and set the start and end date and time of the recorded video to play back. Users can also adjust the playback speed for individual cameras and change the date/time of start and end of playback in the date/time control

Export of Recorded Video: Users can export the recorded video clip by selecting the required values for Start Time, End Time, Camera, and File to configure the export.

View Alarm Triggered Video: When motion is detected, a VideoViewer window will be launched displaying either live video or live and recorded video as configured, from the camera which detected motion.

Working with Log Files: By default, logs are enabled on both the OnGuard workstation and the OnGuard server, but they are in reduced information mode (Info). Users can increase the level of information to the level of Debug for diagnostics purposes, but it may cause more information to be logged, more use of disk space, and may slow down operations on busy servers.

OnGuard Web Client: Installation of the Milestone Open Network Bridge and the OnGuard Video Web Package is required if users plan to use the OnGuard Web Client running OnGuard v8.0 and up. The Web Client provides a browser-based interface to access OnGuard functionality.

*Note that functions depend on the OnGuard version. Please contact for more details.


OnGuard to Milestone integration

Video-centric Environment

XProtect Access is an add-on product to Milestone’s XProtect VMS that enables you to integrate your access control system with your XProtect VMS. You can then control both your video cameras and your access control system from one centralized interface. XProtect Access works in installations of all sizes.

The XProtect Access OnGuard integration for the XProtect Smart Client adds a new workspace, called the Access Control workspace. This workspace is used to search and filter events, doors, and cardholders.



The Events feature allows you to choose a time range or live update to view a real-time display of access control events. You can also filter for specific events, including custom events and all integrated OnGuard events. Additionally, you can filter for specific hardware devices and create a PDF report of the events.

The Doors feature lets you select the type of access control hardware to display and filter hardware by status. You can also view door status information, associated camera video, and available command buttons for each door.

Funkcja The Cardholders feature displays all cardholders in the system by default, but you can filter for specific cardholders and view their data. You can also view events only from a chosen cardholder.

Integracja Milestone z OnGuard

VMS milestone Access Control

OnGuard Web Admin allows you to access the OnGuard web administration portal if a link has been configured in the XPA OnGuard integration within the XProtect Management Client.

Funkcja Access Monitor feature displays live status from doors and video from associated cameras in a single view pane in the Smart Client. You can customize this view item to select the door, sources, cameras, events, commands, and the order in which new events appear.

Maps feature lets you place doors, readers, inputs, outputs, panels, and OnGuard servers on an existing Smart Client Map. The map icons display hardware status and execute commands, and you can view more information by right-clicking on the device icon.

Funkcja Overlay Buttons & Commands feature allows you to add manual buttons to video panes and resize, move around, and edit them. Additionally, alarm status is shared between XProtect and OnGuard and can be viewed and acknowledged in both systems.

Overall, the XPA OnGuard integration for the XProtect Smart Client provides a powerful and customizable solution for access control management and monitoring.

How implementing both OnGuard and Milestone simultaneously can be advantageous?

Combining the two systems allows overlapping licenses to be utilized, resulting in potential cost savings on installation licenses.

OnGuard and Milestone are both robust security systems that offer different functionalities. OnGuard is a comprehensive access control system allowing users to manage and monitor facility access. At the same time, Milestone is a powerful video management software that enables users to view and analyze surveillance footage. By using both systems together, users can leverage the unique features of each platform to enhance their overall security and surveillance capabilities.

Milestone XProtect i Lenel

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