OnGuard Video Manager

OnGuard Video Manager


OnGuard VideoManager is the most flexible and dynamic video system available today. With enormous 3,000+ channel installations operating around the world, OnGuard VideoManager offers customers the scalability to take small and simple video needs to large and sophisticated enterprise video. OnGuard VideoManager is seamlessly integrated with OnGuard, offering customers the many benefits of applications inside the OnGuard portfolio, including OnGuard Access and OnGuard Fire & Intrusion. By integrating with OnGuard, customers can realize a true, event-driven system architecture whereby actionable security is enabled by linking real, live security-related events. Event video can be monitored in several ways. For those organizations with sophisticated monitoring needs, OnGuard IntelligentVideo offers an array of algorithms and packaged solutions for everyday security challenges such as loitering, objects entering an area or object leaving an area. For those customers who want to use OnGuard IntelligentVideo in forensic investigative mode, there is no additional charge. All angles are covered with OnGuard VideoManager.


  • Multiple Frame Rates:
    • Up to 60, depending on recorder device
  • Compression: MPEG-4; MJPEG; H.264;
  • Recording Options:
    • Analog video input
    • Network video input
    • Continuous
    • Time-lapse
    • Event-driven
    • Key Frame Only
    • Synchronized audio & video
  • Extended Storage Options:
    • Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Monitoring Options:
    • Integrated monitoring
    • VideoViewer/Web-based VideoViewer
    • Remote monitor
    • Barco display integration
    • Joystick Control
    • Analog Video Output
    • Virtual Matrix
  • Camera Brand Support: Axis, Lenel, Panasonic, Sony, JVC, IQInvision, Lumeneva, Arecont Vision, Baxall, Toshiba
  • Lenel NVR supported under VMware ESXi

video manager

Event-Driven Solution

For every aspect of a video system, alarm event conditions drive the solution. PTZ on event. Auto-launch on event. Record on event. Monitor events. Investigate events. Archive event video. OnGuard VideoManager is the event-driven solution.


OnGuard leads the industry with the most robust monitoring application available. OnGuard Alarm Monitoring communicates the status of video recorders and network cameras, illustrates alarm location with the use of multimedia graphical maps, and enables operators with in-view PTZ control, auto-launch of video on alarm and individual camera touring and layout touring.. OnGuard also offers users a variety of monitoring interfaces, from the Remote Monitor to the Barco video wall. No matter what the monitoring requirement is, OnGuard has an interface to match.


OnGuard VideoManager offers customers a simple system management experience. OnGuard System Administration allows the customer to set up new video inputs, configure OnGuard IntelligentVideo, deploy an archiving strategy, adjust video

tours, scale user permissions, and much more. For customers already using OnGuard, expanding with OnGuard VideoManager is simple and smooth. This enables users to perform video management on a low learning curve.

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KARO Karlicki Sp. z o.o. company offers its assistance at every stage of the implementation of OnGuard Video Manager or any Lenel System, starting from the initial analysis of the situation, through the creation of concepts, the design stage, the equipment completion, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance service. We make cost estimates for the needs of budget calculations.

We also undertake the maintenance of existing systems.

Our employees are well trained, they have proper knowledge, experience and required permissions.

We invite you to cooperation.