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LifeSafety Power

Power supply plays a crucial role in ensuring the functionality and reliability of safety and security systems. LifeSafety Power, a leading manufacturer of intelligent power management solutions, understands the significance of robust and efficient power systems for access control, intrusion detection, and surveillance. Their innovative products, such as the FlexPower family, demonstrate the importance of power management in maintaining a secure and operational environment. In this essay, we will explore the various reasons why power management is indispensable for critical systems, emphasizing the proactive, reliable, and flexible solutions offered by LifeSafety Power.

Examples of LifeSafety Power products for access control


LifeSafety Power’s proactive analytics-based technology is a game-changer in the industry. By identifying and preventing potential power problems before they occur, this patented solution ensures the continuous operation of critical security systems. The detailed analytics provided by LifeSafety Power enable system managers to monitor their infrastructure proactively, maximizing system uptime and minimizing potential failures. This level of predictive power management enhances the overall reliability and effectiveness of safety and security systems.

Intelligent Predictive Management

Intelligent predictive power management is another key aspect of LifeSafety Power’s offerings. This technology allows for power management at various levels, whether it’s globally, locally, or for each connected device. This intelligent approach not only streamlines operations but also ensures a proactive response to potential power-related issues.

Reliability and High Performance

Smart power management is essential for maintaining secure environments. LifeSafety Power’s technology facilitates real-time analytics, enabling proactive management of security infrastructures. By actively monitoring the power systems, potential issues can be detected and addressed before they impact critical safety and security systems. This proactive approach ensures maximum system uptime and reduces the risk of failures that could compromise the overall security of an environment.

LSP enclosure

Access control integration

The integration of power and access control is crucial in maintaining a secure environment. LifeSafety Power’s solutions excel in combining power management with access control systems, creating a seamless and efficient integration. This integration not only simplifies operations but also enhances the overall security of a facility. By having a unified approach to power and access, organizations can effectively manage and monitor their security systems while maintaining high levels of protection.

LenelS2 OnGuard Integration

  • Learn more about Lenel OnGuard.
  • Integration between LenelS2 OnGuard® and LifeSafety Power’s NetLink® network communication modules offers a seamless solution for advanced power monitoring. By downloading the LenelS2 OAAP Integration software package, you can effortlessly connect OnGuard with NetLink, empowering you with comprehensive visibility and control over your power systems.

    With the integrated NetLink modules, power system alerts are seamlessly transmitted to OnGuard, allowing you to monitor and manage your power infrastructure through the familiar OnGuard dashboard. This integration brings numerous benefits, including increased visibility, reduced system downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

    Zasilanie LSP widok Lenel OnGuard

    Notifications available in OnGuard:

    • System Fault Status – General system faults include missing battery, blown fuse, output or battery voltage high/low, internal problem
    • AC Fault Status – Alerts on AC input power out of range (programmable limits)
    • Insufficient battery capacity (Remote/Scheduled battery test failed)
    • Failing/failed lock (through programmable output current alerts)
    • Lock end of life (through programmable cycle count limits)
    • Voltage or Current out of range (programmable limits)
    • Fire Alarm Active
    • Battery End of Life
    • Room Temperature High/Low (programmable limits)
    • Wysoka/niska temperatura obudowy (programowalne limity)
    • Enclosure Temperature High/Low (programmable limits)
    • Tamper switch activated

    While the LenelS2 OAAP Integration supports a wide range of power monitoring features within OnGuard, it’s important to note that NetLink’s comprehensive capabilities are still available through its own interface. This ensures that you have access to the complete suite of NetLink features alongside the streamlined integration with OnGuard. The interface between OnGuard and the NetLink communication module delivers comprehensive information to enhance your power system management. It provides real-time alerts and status updates for system faults, AC power fluctuations, insufficient battery capacity, failing or end-of-life locks, voltage or current deviations, fire alarm activation, battery end-of-life notifications, temperature variations, service reminders, and tamper switch activations.

    By integrating LSP with OnGuard, you can leverage the power of advanced power monitoring and management, ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and security of your access control systems. Experience the seamless integration today and take control of your power infrastructure like never before.

    More information on integration can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

  • LifeSafety Power OnGuard integration
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