Mobile access control HID system

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Mobile Access Control HID System

Mobile access control HID system

Modern smartphone is something more than a mobile phone. It is a small portable computer with relatively high computing power and rich equipment.

A smartphone has communication interfaces such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, what is more it has build in GPS receiver, which allows you to quickly locate the device in the field. Accelerometers, gyroscopes and other elements responsive to movement allow you to control applications by making hand movements. Cameras allow observation of the environment and enable sending graphic documentation.

It is no wonder that for several years smartphones have been used in security systems, including access control, as they can be used to emulate contactless cards used to identify users.

Classic contactless card includes a transponder, that does not have its own power supply. For its operation, is necessary to supplied energy from outside. The energy is transmitted when the card approaches the reader. For that reason range of card-reader set is small and in most cases does not exceed few centimetres. It forces users to come closer to reader, which can be uncomfortable in some situations.

Transponders have their permanent memory areas, which can be only read or sectors with two-way communication, where you can also save some data. Memory of usual transponder is small. It is hard to imagine situation where  just card could be used in different systems. It forces users visiting various objects to use multiple cards.

Completely different looks case with smartphones, which have their own energy source, efficient processor and large capacity memory. Interfaces Bluetooth can reach connection with readers in distance of a few meters. It makes easier using the system e.g. during driving a car. The NFC interfaces are also widely used. They have much shorter range, not exceeding 20 cm, so they works similar to traditional proximity card. In both cases transmitted data are encrypted, their interception does not allow to overcome security.

In the same smartphone, you can save access data of many objects. You can import and export those data  for example to give the user the opportunity to enter an other object without having to give him a classic proximity card.

The leader in the field of mobile access control systems is HID but there are also other manufacturers that offer similar solutions e.g. Lenel. The general rule is always the similar. In smartphone must be installed an appropriate application. What is more there the access data must be entered. Both of these operations can be carried out remotely over a cellular network. In the access control system must be used specify readers with Bluetooth and/or NFC.

HID Company offered their costumers “twist and go” function. An application that supports an access control system uses data from the accelerometer. Quick turning the smartphone by 90 degrees causes sending data to the reader and opening the door. User doesn’t even have to approach the reader.

The different case is security of using such a system. As it was said before, the computing power of the processor on the smartphone is relatively large, much larger than the potential of the transponder in the classic proximity card. Therefore, strong encryption algorithms and long, several hundred-bit keys can be used. The attempt to reproduce the code is time-consuming and requires overhearing very many transmissions, which in real conditions is inefficient and unprofitable.

The KARO Karlicki Company offers you its assistants at every stage of the implementation of the HID Access Control System, starting from the initial analysis of the situation, through the creation of concepts, the design stage, the equipment completion, installation and commissioning, as well as its operation and maintenance. We make cost estimates for the needs of budget calculations.

We also undertake the maintenance of existing systems.

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