Access Control Systems


Main purpose of access control system is limitation of access of unauthorized persons to predefined areas as well as identification of visitors. Therefore identification of these persons is required.

The simplest mean are identity cards, being some kind of electronic pass, which are checked by installed readers. After card identification authorization level of card bearer is proved by the system and on positive result locking is being removed for the entry.

Data of all opening attempts are stored in the memory of system central unit, making replay of movements of each visitor possible. Gateway passing time is recorded, so individual working time recording is possible too.

Identity cards are cheap and easy to use, but also easy to be stolen or copied. To increase security level additional means are utilized, e.g. so called biometric identity means such as fingerprints, handprints, iris image etc. Such solutions are utilized for example in military and special premises.

In some emergency situations, such as fire, operation of access control system could be a trap for persons being within the premise. Therefore all access control systems are equipped with means to immediate unlock all passages in emergency.

In many solutions integration of access control system and intruder and burglary alarm is not only possible, but desired too, due to technical similarity and economical reasons. The example of that kind is Advisor Master system of UTC FIRE&SECURITY.

When designing and installing access control systems we use branded equipment, supplied by such companies as HONEYWELL, KANTECH, ROGER, UTC FIRE&SECURITY. On demand we are to supply and install other systems available on the market.

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KARO Karlicki Ltd. offers to you assistance at each phase of your access control system purchase starting from initial concept over design, equipment purchase and installation through system commissioning, start-up as well as operation and maintenance. We are ready to perform maintenance of existing systems.

Our employees have all required skills and knowledge as well as all required licenses and permits. We have advanced hardware and transportation facilities.

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