Public Address Systems


Public address systems are cable broadcasting installations for broadcasting of information or advertising messages as well as music or radio broadcasts. They are usually installed in public buildings, commercial malls, stations and all places, where information messages have to be broadcasted.

Heart of the system is mixer, allowing selection of broadcasted source, adjustment of sound level, involving of simple acoustic effects, as e.g. sound of a gong, muting of music at voice messages etc.

Sound within premise is provided by amplifiers and speaker network with speakers located so, that in each point sound has correct level and the messages are legible. Technical questions to be solved when designing and installing such systems, are complex and require knowledge and experience.

When designing and installing PA systems we use branded equipment supplied by such brands as AMBIENT SYSTEM, BOSCH, DYNACORD, MERLAUD, ULTRAK. On request we are able to supply and install other systems available on the market.

The KARO Karlicki Ltd. offers assistance on each stage of completion of PA system, starting from initial analysis, design phase, system completion, installation and commissioning of the system, as well as its operation and maintenance.

We are able to perform maintenance of existing systems.

Our employees have both relevant knowledge and experience. We have advanced hardware and transport facilities.

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