Smoke extraction systems


Smoke extraction system is complement to fire alarm system and is used to remove smoke and toxic gases, thus making people evacuation possible. It consists of control panel and set of actuators and fire removal dampers, located in the upper part of the building.

Some systems utilize supply and exhaust fans, activated on fire alarm, too.

Smoke extraction systems can be used for premise ventilation. For this purpose manual actuating buttons are installed over staircases.

Supplying component is so called weather detector. This detector is used to analyze outdoor weather conditions, causing damper closing during heavy rain and protecting premise against accidental rain water flood.

Under all circumstances control signals issued by fire alarm control panel have highest priority level and overcome manual settings. On fire alarm dampers are being opened independent on manual settings and weather detector indications.

Complexity of operation shows, that the systems have to be designed and installed by appropriately qualified staff.

When designing and installing smoke extracting systems we use branded equipment supplied by such brands as ATEST GAZ, D+H, GAZEX, MERCOR. We provide our customers with detailed technical documents, what is most important for future maintenance and upgrading.

The KARO Karlicki Ltd.. offers assistance on each stage of completion of smoke extraction system, starting from initial analysis, design phase, system completion, installation and commissioning of the system, as well as its operation and maintenance. We are able to perform maintenance of existing systems.

We have advanced hardware and transport facilities.

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