Video Surveillance System VSS

Video Surveillance System (VSS)

Video Surveillance System

Surveillance video system provides not only surveillance of protected area, but visual verification of events. Protected area may be out- or indoor area.

TV cameras can support security service by making surveillance of hard accessible or extremely poor lightened places possible. When using infrared, cameras can operate in total darkness. They never get tired, they can operate under extremely poor weather conditions.

Possibility of motion detection converts surveillance TV system into integrated threat notification and verification system. This is particularly related to wide open areas.

Modern surveillance TV systems allow not only observation in poor light conditions (without camera alteration), but also detection of intrusion into protected area (including recording of said intrusion for trial purposes). Most modern systems provide support to fire alarm systems, allowing most advanced detection of smoke, fire and flame.

Rich market offer and diversity of available products results from extended application possibilities. Design, completion and configuration of surveillance TV system requires specific technical and system knowledge, so use of our support and assistance is strongly recommended.

When designing and installing surveillance TV systems we use top branded products of e.g. BOSCH, EVERFOCUS, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SONY, UTC FIRE&SECURITY. On customer demand we are ready to supply and install other available systems.

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Our customers are provided with full technical documents of the systems, which is extremely important at maintenance and system upgrade.

The KARO Karlicki Ltd. offers you assistance in each phase of project management, starting from initial analysis over concept creation, design, system supply, installation, system commissioning through system operation and maintenance.

We are able to perform maintenance of systems of third parties.

Our employees are appropriately qualified, skilled and certified to perform security system installation. We have extended hardware and transportation facilities too.

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