Electronic key cabinets

Electronic key cabinets

Advanced Key Management Solutions

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Zarządzanie kluczami

Electronic key cabinets can help you manage your keys effectively and provide controlled authorization and a complete audit trail. It is vital to note that this system can be integrated with Lenel OnGuard.

  • Authorizing specific people to take keys
  • Automatic reports on key activity
  • The ability to manage anywhere from 8 to over 100,000 keys
  • A variety of cabinet types, sizes, and capacities to choose from
  • Three relays for different types of alarms

Maxx cabinet


One of the key management system’s cabinets, the Maxx cabinet, combines functionality with a sleek and compact design. It’s perfect for use in prominent locations or where space is limited, allowing you complete control over your keys. The automatic roller shutter door keeps the keys hidden from view and allows the cabinet to be placed in areas where a conventional hinged door might not be suitable. It comes in a 32 or 64-keyTag capacity, and multiple Maxx cabinets can be combined to increase capacity.

Flexx cabinets


Flexx cabinets come in various sizes and can be either solid steel or window doors. The modular design allows the system to adapt easily to your current needs while leaving room for future modifications. To customize the system to your specifications, you can:

  • Select a cabinet size
  • Choose keyTag panels
  • Select a control terminal that meets your needs
  • A scalable and modular design
  • Durable metalwork and hinges
  • The option of either a solid steel or window door

There are also various keyTag panels available, allowing each cabinet to be optimized for different bunches of keys. The system can be configured for different capacities using the right panels, and the keyTag panels can be changed as your needs change. Flexx cabinets allow you to invest in a system that can expand with your needs. Multiple cabinets can be connected and managed by the same control terminal, and you can add additional cabinets or keyTag panels at any time.



The keyTag is a crucial part of the key management system. Each keyTag has a unique identity that the cabinet recognizes. As the most critical aspect of the system, the keyTag must always work correctly to ensure access to the keys when needed. Deister uses RFID technology, the most advanced identification method available.

  • Contactless operation with no wear
  • An integral keyring and seal
  • A lifetime warranty
  • No maintenance required


To access the cabinet and keys, there are various control terminals to choose from, including ones with an integrated smartcard reader. It allows you to use your existing proximity access control cards, PIN, or both. There are also options for biometric verification and touch screens.


  • Keyboard or touchscreen options
  • The ability to control one or more cabinets with a single terminal
  • The ability to use multiple terminals at the same time

Integration with Lenel OnGuard

The key management system can also be integrated with the OnGuard system. ProxSafeSync automatically coordinates users and authorization for keys, weapons, tablets, and other assets from a single OnGuard interface. It allows you to manage and audit key and asset events, issuance, and alarms from within OnGuard. The integration supports:


  • Automatic synchronization of keyTags and keyTag groups from proxSafe Commander with access levels in OnGuard
  • Automatic synchronization of OnGuard cardholders with proxSafe Commander users with the ability to create, update or delete as needed.
  • Automatic synchronization of all access level assignments for a cardholder with keyTag/keyTag group assignments in proxSafe Commander

Mobile KeysApp

Depozytory kluczy -Mobile KeysApp-

Manage your keys online and remotely with Mobile KeysApp. Key cabinets provide increased transparency and security for businesses, as all key transactions are automatically recorded for audit purposes. The integration of smartphones and tablets makes key management more efficient and convenient for users, who can check availability and reserve keys from anywhere in the world.

Smart Storage

Store and manage valuable devices and equipment with proxSafe smart storage systems. These systems allow for the authorization of compartment use and contents, as well as an audit of who has taken and returned the asset. Benefits include intelligent, automatic management and integrated charging stations, all backed by high quality German engineering to ensure the availability of work equipment.

RFID Technology

RFID – Smart Storage

Identify and manage devices, equipment, and assets with our RFID technology. An RFID chip is installed, attached, or hung on the item and stores the data required to identify it. When the item is removed or returned, the RFID chip is automatically recognized, providing benefits such as maintenance-free operation.


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